Holocaust Survivor Talk

29th April 2021

Just before the Easter holiday, Year 6 students from across the Trust had the opportunity to hear from Janine Webber, a Holocaust survivor.

Janine’s family – who were Jewish – lived in Poland at the beginning of the Second World War. As persecution of the Jews became worse, her family left their home to seek safety. Unfortunately many of her close relatives and friends – including her father, mother and younger brother – did not survive the horrors of the Holocaust and Janine’s life story, which she shared openly with our students, is one of pain, violence, bravery, kindness and hope.

The children listened intently to Janine’s story and also had the opportunity to ask questions. They were moved by her message of tolerance and acceptance.

“Her talk was important because not many people know about these things and it is good to know what happened to innocent people.”

“It was an honour to hear her speak.”

“I learnt to never judge someone based on how they look, smell, sound, or their religion because they could be going through a hard time…I will always remember to be grateful for my life and family and all the amazing people who help me.”

“Janine’s talk was so important. One day, Holocaust Survivors will no longer be alive to share their stories and I am so thankful for having the chance to talk with her.”

“It’s really important that we tell the story because otherwise, it could happen again.”

This experience was a real privilege for our students and although what Janine described was truly harrowing, it was moving and insightful and an amazing way for our students to learn about persecution, the importance of kindness and how they can make a difference.