Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning

7th May 2021

Children First Academy Trust have partnered with schools in Nepal on the ‘Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning’ project with the British Council. Together we are: learning about how to be active global citizens, finding our voice and becoming more aware about global issues around sustainability. Watch this PowerPoint to find out more!

The project is aimed to raise awareness around the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Click here to find out more information about them and how the UN aim to bring peace and prosperity to the planet.

Here is a taste of what Wilbury Primary School has been up to…

Each year group created or designed a ‘Culture in a box’, which we shared with our partner school in Nepal to learn and share about our community and culture. We also sent them a ‘View from our window’ video to show them our school environment. Here are some photos of what year 1 and year 6 did!


October was ‘Walk to School Month’. Every child was challenged to walk to school, or part of the way to school for at least one week. Year 5 and year 6 completed a survey and the results show that given the choice, pupils would much rather walk or cycle than go in the car. Pupils say they feel better when they walk and it helps the environment! See some of the results here  and here.

Year 6 even sent letters to our local MP on issues related to traffic pollution.


Year 2 and 3 learned about Diwali, the festival of lights which is celebrated by many Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and some Buddhists in November and is a huge festival in Nepal. Our partner school, Regent Residential School sent some photos of their celebrations:

Year 5 have started ‘Farmertime’, through ‘LEAF’, where we have been set up virtually with a farmer! His name is Ben Cross and he is helping us plan and grow our school garden. We are going to be growing flowers, fruits and vegetables in a sustainable way by collecting rainwater and avoiding using any chemicals in the garden.

Year 5 are also members of the online platform ‘Votes for Schools’ with our partner school, Regent Residential School. Every week we use our voice and demonstrate oracy skills to vote on a current news topic. The topics focus on an important global issue, such as climate change, gender stereotypes, social media and many more. Click here to see some of our recent work during British Science week on gender stereotypes.

The following PowerPoint has examples of project activities completed so far by classes at Brettenham Primary School:

Here are some images of the research about Nepal that children at Fleecefield completed: