Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning

12th November 2021

On Monday 8th November 2021, as part of the ‘Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning’ project with the British Council, the eco-ambassadors from Raynham took part in a virtual meeting with children from their partner school – New Leera in Kathmandu in Nepal.

In the meeting they were able to discuss their views on climate change and share some of the ways they are planning to make a difference following their environmental review. The meeting provided a unique opportunity to develop a dialogue with children from other countries.

The environmental review was completed by eco-ambassadors from across KS1 and KS2 and identified ways the whole school can take action on climate change. They shared their findings in a video message which has also been shared across the school.



The Nepal partnership between five partner schools in Nepal and the five academies within Children First Trust is an empowering forum for our children in increasing their understanding of their impact as a local and global citizen.

Further examples of projects through the partnership can be found on our Nepali Partnership padlet below:

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