Celebrity chef gives Brettenham pupils a recipe for success

15th May 2019

Children at Brettenham Primary have impressed celebrity chef Levi Roots with their business plans and tasty dishes.

The pupils  worked together to come up with culinary treats as part of a Dragon’s Den style event for the school’s business week (January 21-25).

The children’s ideas were extremely creative. Year 1 students had baked superhero biscuits, spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, while some of the older children’s ideas ranged from savoury garlic bread to a fruity mousse called Mary Berry Delight, named after another famous cook.

The musician and entrepreneur behind the popular Reggae Reggae sauce was a hit with the kids and had them erupt in laughter as he comically hesitated before tasting each product.

He performed his Reggae Reggae sauce theme tune and successfully invited the children to join him in singing the catchy tune as he played his guitar.

Levi, the sole “dragon”, judged the groups on their pitches and produce and had the power to boost the winning team’s fundraising efforts with a £10 donation.

He commended the kids on the texture, flavours and innovative approach to packaging of their baked goods. Levi was also considerable impressed of those who delivered considered pitches and thought about reducing the impact of creating and consuming their produce on the environment and their finances.

“They’ve thought about the carbon footprint so I’m not eating something that will damage the planet,” he said after tasting Year 5’s “oats in a boat”, oat biscuits packaged in a paper-style viking vessel made using recycled materials.

Amazed by the group’s efforts, Levi donated £50 to their fundraising pot, a surprise which was met with cheers and applause from the students and teachers.

Nine-year-old Atiyah, a member of the winning Year 5 group said she thought the event was “very good” and she was “excited and happy” to have been a part of the winning team.

“I felt really happy that we won and I felt really happy that Levi Roots came to our school and he came to meet us,” she said.

Speaking of the business week preparations, she said: “It was really stressful but at the end we all got it done and it was really successful.”

After they shared their ideas with Levi, the children sold their products to parents and fellow pupils. The marketplace was bustling as customers tried to get their hands on the creations and take photos with Levi.

Although he has plenty of tips to share when it comes to running becoming a successful entrepreneur, one of the most profound messages Levi left the children with was to simply be themselves.

“Anyone can be successful” he told the crowded hall.

Deputy headteacher Aisha Raymond, who organised the event, spoke to The Voiceabout her reasons for getting the children to take part in their own Dragon’s Den.

“Designing opportunities within the curriculum to equip children with transferable life skills that promotes a resilient and responsible attitude towards learning is key,” she said.

“Each child has enjoyed learning to cook a dish and many have recreated the dish at home for their families,” she added.